Who we are

We are a professional company which specialises in the production of high quality decorative panels designed to fit perfectly into any living space. With passion and commitment, we create solutions which enhance the character of any room.

Our range includes a variety of patterns, textures and colours, allowing you to express your personal vision and unique style. Regardless of whether you prefer modern minimalist solutions or classic elegant decor, here you will find the perfect panel for your project.

All of our panels are made of durable 10mm thick MDF board and cut using CNC technology which guarantees high cutting precision. The filling is a top quality polyurethane foam, model T21, noted for its high flexibility and soundproofing properties. Every edge is properly milled to avoid creases in the upholstery fabric.

The finish is a high-quality upholstery fabric, outstandingly durable and resistant to ageing. It provides ease of cleaning, resistance to liquid absorption and protection against viruses.

Multiple shapes to choose from

+ Squares

Various panel depth gives a 3D effect.

+ Rectangles I

Rectangle-shaped panels arranged verticaly with an ornate slat between them.

+ Rectangles II

Rectangle-shaped panels arranged horizontally. Additionally, one panel works as a seat cushion.

+ Fence

Rounded finish in the top section.

+ Herringbone

Panels arranged in a herringbone pattern, completed with triangle-shaped panels in the top section.

Already have a design you want to create ?

JMP Crafts offer to create and manufacture upholstery panels of different shapes, sizes, colors, upholstery type and quality etc.
Because we are the manufacturer ourselves, we can build panels for nearly any design you wish to have created in your interior !

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